Offsets electromagnetic stresses caused by home electrics and high-frequency electrosmog (e.g. mobile radio/WiFi/Bluetooth).

The BIOGETA® BALANCE Chip is a further development on the BIOGETA® Phone Chip’s design, which has seen many years of success and sold over 5,000 units.

Whereas the phone chip simply provides bioresonant harmonization of mobile phone radiation in the body, the balance chip has the additional function of intervening in the subtle information structure of both transmitter and receiver devices, thus ensuring an even better and broader protection from all kinds of high-frequency radiation.

One chip for all devices!


The Balance Chip is made of carbon and is self-adhesive. To apply, simply remove the BALANCE Chip from the transfer foil and attach it to a device. The chip can later be removed without residue and then used on another device. Detailed instructions for individual devices are included in any purchase of the BALANCE Chip.

How does the BIOGETA® BALANCE Chip affect the body?

The BIOGETA® Balance Chip protects the body from pulse-modulated, high-frequency microwave radiation and puts it into appropriate polarities.

As a bioresonance therapist, you unfortunately find that almost any city-dweller of today is beset by frequency values of GSM, LTE, 5G and DECT networks. In technical terms, this means that regulation frequency spectra of the body show a strong depolarization in the range of the minus polarity when measured.

This brings the body strongly out of balance, making it more susceptible to autoimmune disease and promoting cell mutation, among other things. In children, it opens up the blood-brain barrier and toxins begin to get into their brains more easily. Such imbalance also causes disturbances to melatonin production, which in turn can lead to hormonal disorders, and even infertility.

In numerous tests on the previous model, the BIOGETA® Phone Chips, frequency values were harmonized in all test subjects just a few weeks after installation of a BIOGETA® Phone Chip, despite heavy stresses being measured beforehand.

Such testing can be carried out by any one of the approximately 50,000 bioresonance therapists in the world right now, or by similarly holistic therapists. Naturopath, building biologist, and bioresonance therapist Klaus-Peter Zeyen from Cologne tested the Balance Chip and had this to say:

… I’ve got the new mobile stickers on my Fairphone and my impression is that they’re the best I have tested so far!“  (Klaus-Peter Zeyen – naturopath, bioresonance therapist, building biologist)

This Video was sent to us by a customer who is happen to be a Bioresonance Therapist: