Balances the body’s polarities, using a similar mechanism to the FM Biofield Harmonizer Home Modules and the BIOGETA® Balance Chips. Effective protection on the go!

Offsets radiation from WiFi, BLUETOOTH, LTE, 5G, DECT, satellite radio and domestic power grids!

Due to its special information structure, the BALANCE Pendant not only protects against the effects of radiation from technology, but is also strongly anxiolytic, calming, concentration-enhancing, and balancing.

Price: 65,-€

3-month money-back guarantee!

What is the BIOGETA® Balance Thymus Pendant?


Balance Thymus Pendants are small pendants made of shungite, which have been imbued with the most important endogenous regulatory frequencies.

The main function of this product is to balance the body’s polarities in a manner similar to the FM Biofield Harmonizer, providing effective protection on the go.

The shungite is energetically neutralized, reimbued, and restructured using a special multi-stage process. The stones serve only to store and carry BIOGETA®’s compensatory frequencies.

We use shungite because of its excellent energetic conductivity.

During testing, we gave the pendant to highly sensitive and electrosensitive customers for testing. Without exception, all testers wanted to keep their pendants and feedback was consistently positive.

For example, one of our first test customers could no longer go to the gym because his body was so sensitive to the numerous Bluetooth devices of the other people there.

Since he’s been wearing his BIOGETA® Balance Pendant, he has no more such issues.

We have now sold over 5000 of these pendants and very rarely ever have any customers ask for a refund – even though we offer a 3-month return warranty.

The effects of the Balance Pendant can be seen with the help of bioresonance detection methods, but also with other energetic measuring methods such as EAV or kinesiology.

How does the pendant affect the body?

The BIOGETA® Balance Thymus Pendant protects the body in pulse-modulated high-frequency radiation and balances its polarities.

As a bioresonance therapist, you unfortunately find almost every modern city dweller negatively affected by frequencies from mobile phone networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, and DECT networks. In other words, when the body is in these regulation frequency spectra, one can detect strong depolarization in the minus polarity range.

This brings the body wildly out of balance, leads to autonomic stress and its associated hyperacidity, as well as making you more susceptible to autoimmune disease and cell mutation. In children, the blood-brain barrier is opened up and this allows toxins to get into their brains.

In addition, such frequencies disturb the pineal gland’s melatonin production, which leads to hormonal disorders and infertility.

The Balance Pendant has a balancing, calming and concentration-enhancing effect.

It offers children in particular good protection at home, at school, and on the go.

Important note:

In order to properly balance the body throughout the day, the BIOGETA® Balance Pendant is worn hanging over the sternum or thymus gland (see photo). However, you may also carry it in your pocket. It is important to wear it directly on the body.


Dear Mr. Krueger,

I would like to give you and your team some feedback on the Biogeta Balance Shungite Pendant, which, having had it for just for a few days, I have quickly come to appreciate.

Even when unpacking the product, I could already feel its strong energy, and so I knew that it was no fake. After I put on the pendant, I could literally feel it beginning to work on my energy fields. I felt a little dizzy for a short time, but this went away very quickly.

My own measurements (with a pendulum) then indicated that the polarities of yin and yang in my body were balanced again. For years I’ve always measured excess Yang…Also, my own life force has risen by around 1200 Bovis.

This alone had already convinced me on its own, but the best part is that my years of cardiac arrhythmias have also improved. So far, there have been no more extrasystoles, no more heart palpitations, no tachycardia, and no strong nocturnal palpitations.

Yours sincerely,

Dennis Hauth, Glueckstadt

PS.: You are welcome to publish my feedback with my name on your website.


Dear Radiation-Free-Living Team,

First of all, thank you for your excellent products.

I’ve bought the Bio-Wafer and Bio-Wafer Active, as well as the Balance Pendant, and am thrilled by all of them.

I’ve noticed a clear and immediate improvement and increase in my energy.

As soon as we’ve moved, we’re planning to buy a Biofield Harmonizer.


Many thanks,

Silke Maria Kost-Hussen