BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer

Very effective for offsetting electromagnetic stressors (such as from Bluetooth, 5G, LTE, alternating magnetic fields) as well as geopathic stressors (earth rays) in a motorhome or caravan.

Do you often travel in a motorhome, camper or caravan?

You should be aware that when driving in your camper, you’re sat in a Faraday cage that prevents radiation from mobile phones and related devices from escaping (except for those that are fully integrated, as these usually have a plastic structure), just like in your car.

In other words, when you make phone calls, stream music, or simply use your navigation system, you are massively exposed to high-frequency radiation (HF) – i.e. pulse-modulated microwaves, as well as strong alternating magnetic fields, as can be seen in the videos below.

In contrast to cars, you also sleep in your motorhome, and in many different places. In other words, it’s very likely that when sleeping in it, you regularly find yourself in strong earth radiation zones, near mobile phone antennas, or your campsite’s WiFi repeater, all of which is damaging to your health.

*All BIOGETA® products come with a 30 days return policy!

A BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer effectively offsets radiation from technology (electrosmog), as well as geopathic disturbance zones (earth rays) in a motorhome or caravan!

This ensures better sleep and promotes lasting health for you and your loved ones.

After all, what good is a great vacation if it leaves you more tired and stressed than before you left?

The benefits

How does a BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer work?​

The BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer works on the same mechanism as our BIOGETA® HOME  Harmonizer Modules.

Through frequency modulation, compensatory regulation frequencies are modulated to the electrical circuits of the motorhome or caravan (12V) and distributed into the natural radiation of the vehicle’s unshielded cables.

This establishes a compensatory oscillation field in the vehicle, giving the body an environment free from harmful frequencies.

Since the 12V mains of a mobile home are always active, e.g. for the refrigerator, the BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer can be used to reliably compensate for disturbances from technology, earth radiation sources such as water veins or faults, and the global grid system.

How is the module powered?


The module simply needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter or USB port to start working.

As soon as the module is plugged in, it begins to create a compensatory oscillation field that noticeably and measurably minimizes radiation stressors.

Due to the long cable, you can store the module in the glove compartment or in a cabinet, so that it doesn’t get in the way while driving.

Why is this necessary for a motorhome?

There’s a common misconception that only electric cars pose a potential danger to us with electromagnetic fields. However, this is not true…

In fact, the opposite is true. In the case of electric cars, care is usually taken to design the vehicle so that drivers are not exposed to excessively high alternating electrical and magnetic fields. Unfortunately, this is not the case with diesel and petroleum-powered cars.

In newer conventional cars, powered by combustion engines, very powerful alternating magnetic fields are often generated by the vehicle’s electrical system during use.

In one of the following videos, a low-frequency measuring device shows how intense these radiation stressors can actually become. Since hardly anyone expects this, no attention is given to offsetting any of it when constructing these cars.

A Tesla Model S, for example, shows much lower radiation from magnetic fields than, for example, a Mercedes V-Class or Vito – even though a Tesla runs solely on electricity.

On top of this, Bluetooth and mobile communication devices give off high quantities of microwave radiation. In a car, you sit in a Faraday cage. This means that all the radiation coming from inside your car is many times more harmful to you than from sources outside the car, as almost none of the radiation generated within can escape.

You are likely familiar with this sense of „pulling“ in your head when making phone calls in your car, or perhaps when streaming music with Bluetooth.

A BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer module helps you to offset such radiation, allowing you to drive healthier and safer, and arrive at your destination more relaxed!

But is this all just people’s imagination?

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who think that all of these phenomena, their solutions, and their effects, are just imagined. But this is definitely not the case, as the following report by RTL clearly shows:


All BIOGETA® products are subject to a 30 days return policy. In other words, if you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the full purchase price!

BIOGETA® Product Presentation

Learn more about our products in this short video. Learn about how they function, and how they help you sleep better and stay in – or return to – good health.

The functions:


Stresses from alternating 50Hz electric and magnetic fields, as well as 16Hz traction current (e.g. if you live near a railway line), are effectively compensated for.


Offsets all microwave radiation from various sources (WiFi, DECT cordless phones, LTE, 5G, GSM mobile radio, baby monitors, smart meters, satellite radio, radar, etc.)

Ausgleich von Erdstrahlen

A BIOGETA® FM Biofield Harmonizer VAN measurably reduces radiation from water veins, faults, and disturbances from the global grid system.


By changing the air ionization to a ratio of up to 4 minus to 1 plus ION, less dust ends up in the air, leaving it clearer and cleaner.

*The effect of the BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer can be measured with a bioresonance device as part of a building biology resonance test. As soon as an FM Biofield Harmonizer of the right size is installed in a space, no geopathic fault zones can be detected throughout the entire house (and its electrical circuits) on a resonance test.