Basic course "Objective radiesthesia"

Basic course

"Objective radiesthesia"

Learn how to assess geopathic interference zones yourself and find the best place to sleep for you and your loved ones.

Course open again for a short time!

Instead of 1726,- € for short time only 997,-€

Instead of 1726,- €
for a short time only 997,-€

You will receive:

Basic course "Objective radiesthesia"
1597 €

Folder + measuring chart + tip sensor
129 €

Monthly live calls with Sebastian

Recordings of all previous live calls

Basic course "Objective radiesthesia" 1597 €
Folder + measuring chart + tip sensor 129 €
Monthly live calls with Sebastian
Recordings of all previous live calls

Excerpt from course - example sleeping place evaluation:

Questions & Answers

If you hurry and practise every day, you can work through the course in a week. However, we recommend that you don't put yourself under pressure and give yourself enough time for the exercises in particular. That is why we have defined 6 weeks as a realistic time frame. 

The course has a total of over 100 learning steps.

Yes, the course is built on a platform that has a community function and a forum as well as private groups. In other words, you can network, discuss and support each other.

The course is part of the Strahlenfrei Wohnen Academy. In other words, you have lifelong access to every module you have purchased.

No, you don't need any previous knowledge. Anyone can learn to work radiesthetically, we all have the ability to do so. For some it is more pronounced - for others a little weaker. But with a little practice and the right technique, anyone can learn it. 

We are very confident in the course, as Sebastian has put an incredible amount of work into building it up and has developed a very good method of passing on his valuable knowledge. Nevertheless: if you have worked through the course and afterwards feel that the course is not worth the money, we will refund you. the full purchase price within 6 weeks of the date of purchase.

Regular live calls

Here is some feedback from previous participants (more to follow):

The "Objective radiesthesia" course was characterized by Sebastian's well-founded and practice-proven knowledge.

The individual topics were authentic with what he said and explained to us and presented in the exercises.

You can tell that he does his work very thoroughly and with a lot of passion.

Above all, that he makes his knowledge available to us without restriction and trains us to perceive and evaluate "things" differently and also to recognize them.

"A very "precious treasure" in today's (mostly electronic) times for all of us!"

This radiesthesia course is definitely recommended.

During the course I felt supported by the deep knowledge that Sebastian imparted to us.

Many thanks for that!

Marion Paul-Dick

The radiesthesia course with Sebastian was a real highlight! I was skeptical at first whether the whole thing would really work online, but the well-structured lessons proved me wrong. It's simply fun to dive into this fascinating world step by step. Of course, patience is required at the beginning, especially when establishing the connection to the tensor. But as soon as you get the hang of it and let your gut feeling guide you, it gets really exciting. I'm not a professional yet, but I'm well equipped for my private applications. Mission accomplished, I would say!"

Claudia Manighetti