The harmonizer for on the go!

The harmonizer for on the go!



Are you often on the road with your car, camper, camper van or caravan?

Then you should be aware that you, just like in your car, also in your camper usually sit in a Faraday cage, in which the radiation from cell phone and Co. can not get out (with the exception of fully integrated, because these usually have a plastic body).

When you make phone calls, stream music, or simply use your navigation system, you are massively exposed to high-frequency radiation (HF) - i.e. pulse-modulated microwaves. Additionally with strong magnetic alternating fields, as you can see in the videos.

Important Notice:
The video is an older recording. The former name of the CAR Harmonizer was "Biofeldformer CAR". It is the same product.

Important Notice:
The video is an older recording. The former name of the VAN Harmonizer was "Biofeldformer WOMO". It is the same product.

In a motor home, in contrast to the risks in a car, there is also the fact that you also sleep in it. And in constantly changing places.

That is, the probability is very high that you regularly sleep in it on strong earth radiation zones that are harmful to health. Or park near a cellular transmitting antenna or the campground's WLAN repeater.

A CAR Harmonizer balances technical fields (electrosmog) - caused by BLUETOOTH, WLAN, mobile radio (LTE, GSM, 5G) - as well as alternating magnetic fields in a car.

Do you sit in the car a lot and make calls via your hands-free device or even stream music via Bluetooth?

Then you certainly know this: 

You feel a pulling or vibrating in your head, your neck starts to tense up and after some time you have a headache, lose your ability to concentrate and need a break.

If you haven't actively paid attention to the correlations between the previously mentioned symptoms, do it the next time you drive and you will see ...

or rather feel ...

By using a CAR or VAN (for motorhomes) harmonizer, you offer your body a space by balancing the technical stresses in your car, so that you arrive not only more rested, but also more vital.

A VAN Harmonizer compensates for technical fields (electrosmog) as well as geopathic interference zones (earth radiation) in a mobile home or caravan ...

... and thus ensures a better sleep and promotes sustainable health for you and your loved ones. 

After all, what's the point of the most beautiful vacation destination if you feel more tired and stressed afterwards than before the vacation?

The advantages


On all BIOGETA® products we grant a return policy of 30 days. That means, if you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund!

How does a CAR / VAN Harmonizer work?

The BIOGETA® CAR / VAN Harmonizer works on the same principle as our BIOGETA® HOME modules.

By means of a frequency modulation, balancing regulation frequencies are modulated onto the circuit of the car, camper or caravan (12V operation) and distributed via the natural radiation of the unshielded lines in the vehicle.

This builds up a balancing vibration field in the vehicle, which equalizes the body in the stressing frequencies. 

And since the 12V network is permanently active in a motorhome, e.g. to supply the refrigerator, the FM Biofeldformer WOMO can be used to reliably compensate not only technical loads, but also disturbances caused by earth radiation, such as a water vein, a fault line or loads caused by one of the global grid systems.

How to connect the module?

The module is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter or USB port and starts working immediately (a 12V adapter is included).

As soon as the module is plugged in, a balancing vibration field is created and loads are noticeably and measurably minimized.

Due to the long cable you have the possibility to store the module in the glove compartment or in a cupboard, so that it does not disturb while driving.

Why is this necessary in a car or camper?

A widespread misconception is to believe that only electric cars pose a potential hazard to us from electromagnetic fields.

However, this is not so ...

on the contrary, the exact opposite is the case. In the case of electric cars, care is often taken at the planning stage to ensure that the driver is not exposed to excessively high alternating electric and magnetic fields. Unfortunately, this is not the case with diesel and gasoline-powered cars.

In newer conventional cars - powered by combustion engines - high alternating magnetic fields are sometimes generated by the strong flow of current during operation.

In one of the videos on this page, you can see by means of a measurement with a low-frequency measuring device how high these loads can actually become.

Since hardly anyone expects such a thing, no value is placed on possible minimization of these fields in the design of these cars either.

A Tesla Model S, for example, has a much lower radiation exposure from magnetic fields than, for example, a Mercedes V-Class or Vito. Although a Tesla is a purely electric vehicle.

In addition, very high microwave exposures are usually caused by Bluetooth or mobile radio.

In a car, you sit in a Faraday cage. This means that all radiation in your car is many times more harmful to you than outside the car, because the radiation does not get out of the car.

A CAR / VAN Harmonizer module helps you balance these stresses so that you drive healthier and safer - and arrive more relaxed!

Is it all just imagination?

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who think that they are imagining the whole thing. But that is certainly not the case, as the following report from RTL clearly shows:

The functions:

Compensation of electrosmog

Exposure to alternating electric and magnetic fields as well as 16Hz railroad current (e.g. due to a railroad line near the sleeping place) is effectively compensated.

Microwave compensation

Compensation of all radio transmitters surrounding us (WLAN, DECT cordless phone, LTE, 5G, GSM mobile radio, baby monitors, smart meters, satellite radio, radar, etc.).

Compensation of earth rays

A VAN Harmonizer manages to measurably* balance water veins as well as faults and disturbances of the global grid systems.

Minimization of fine dust

By changing the air ionization to a ratio of up to 4 minus to 1 plus ION, less dust is trapped in the air, making the air clearer and cleaner.

*The effect of the CAR / VAN Harmonizer can be measured with a bioresonance device as part of a resonance test. As soon as such a module is installed, no geopathic interference zone can be detected in the vehicle with a resonance test. The harmonizing resonance field can also be detected in humans with regard to electrosmog.

Hello Mr. Krüger,

I would be happy to send you feedback about the Car FM biofield former.

For professional reasons, I travel a lot by car. The longer the trips became, the more I got problems during them, such as strong pulling pains in my head, slight visual disturbances and a feeling like "as if I were sitting next to me".

After leaving the vehicle, my body needed about an hour to regenerate. It couldn't go on like this, a solution was needed! 

After understanding what triggers this issue, my search for a remedy began and I found it on your website. Long car trips are still stressful, but the problems mentioned above have disappeared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another very amazing side effect, which I had not expected at all.

Since the Biofeldformer has been plugged into the vehicle, I drive about 100 km more on one tank of gas. It sounds incredible, but it's true. 

Thank you very much for this great product, it is worth it in every way. 

Cornelia Tutsch