You don't even know when you last Have you slept through the night?


Are you already worried that you won't be able to sleep again?

Perhaps you know the ...
You go to bed dead tired in the evening.
Exhausted, you hope to finally get a good night's sleep.

But the same thing every night ...

You just can't fall asleep
Roll restlessly from one side to the other
Staring at the dark ceiling
Wake up three, four - or even five times a night
Or have to go to the toilet several times a night

In the morning you feel totally exhausted, have a headache and tension.

If you are already being asked about your tired appearance

Her sleepless nights do not go unnoticed by others.
Perhaps your boss has already asked what's actually going on with you.

Because instead of being fresh and full of energy during the day, you ...

Shaky and erratic

Unconcentrated at work

Bad-tempered and irritable

Playing with your children without taking part

How high-frequency radiation
Disturbs your sleep

Are you like many other people and can you imagine your
Can't really explain sleep disorders?
How can it be that you fall into bed dog-tired ... and yet you don't feel like you can sleep a wink?
No, it's not because of your psyche!

In fact, there is a simple medical and scientific explanation for this:

We are permanently exposed to high-frequency radiation

These include WLAN, Bluetooth, smartphones, satellite radio ... but also earth radiation such as a water vein

High-frequency radiation affects our brain like daylight

This inhibits our natural "sleep hormone", melatonin

And the vegetative nervous system is disturbed in its rhythm

As a result, we have trouble falling asleep or wake up frequently during the night

Why not simply use the electrical appliances
switch off?

If radiation is disrupting your sleep, you could simply switch off the electrical appliances in your bedroom, right?

Unfortunately wrong.

This is because many sources of radiation are not located within your own four walls.

The WLAN of your neighbors ...all you need to do is look at your cell phone

Radio masts on your doorstep
...sometimes to be found every few meters

Earth radiation
...that emanate from water veins or earth grids, for example

5G satellites
...there are currently over 1000 of them orbiting the earth. And the number is set to rise to over 40,000 in the coming years

Smart meter
...are often installed by electricity, water and gas suppliers in order to be able to read data more quickly. Mandatory for all households from next year

This is how the BIOGETA® FM biofield former sleep better again:

A device based on the basic principles of bioresonance therapy is now available to compensate for high-frequency radiation and the resulting interference. The Biogeta® FM Biofeldformer generates a harmonic oscillation field for this purpose.

And that means

High-frequency radiation is equalized

Interference fields in your body are harmonized

Your body is thus restored to its natural balance

The natural melatonin production is promoted

A healthy sleep-wake rhythm can develop

" ... since the harmonization all family members sleep deeper, calmer, better and feel much more relaxed and rested ... "
- Iris Nauer -

BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer - Unique technology for house and apartment harmonization

Sebastian Krüger, building biologist and alternative practitioner, is the founder of BIOGETA. In the course of developing the Biofeldformer, he personally tested and optimized it in more than 1200 different households. In doing so, he was able to convince himself of the rapid and lasting effect of the FM Biofeldformer.
Measurable (with bioresonance devices) compensation of interference fields
Harmonization of bodily functions

Fall asleep faster

Sleep through the night longer

Sebastian Krüger

Calmer sleep for children

Less urge to urinate at night

Less to no bedwetting

Increased vitality and more energy in everyday life

Your advantage

3 months money-back guarantee

The BIOGETA® FM biofield former has already over 2500 families helped me to fall asleep better, to finally sleep through the night again and to be fresh and alert in the morning. wake up refreshed.
" First of all, I would like to tell you that since I started using the Biofeldformer, I have been sleeping very deeply and wake up completely refreshed in the morning. Super!!! "
- Dagmar Kunz -
However, if you do not notice an improvement in your sleep within 3 months, then...

You can return the BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer to us at any time

Get a full refund of the purchase price immediately

Unconditional and uncomplicated. No risk for you!

If you or your children finally want to sleep really well again ... And neither a sleep laboratory, valerian nor a therapist have been able to help you so far ... Then order the Biogeta® FM Biofeldformer NOW with the 3-month money-back guarantee depending on size (S/M/L/XL) from € 790.

" ...Oliver has been sleeping much better than before for almost a week now. He sleeps about 9-10 hours at a time without waking up in between. Really great. "
- Oliver and Henning, S. -
"Thank you for bringing back my childhood sleep! "
- S. -

But wait!
And that's not all ...

Because if you order the BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer today ... you will receive
the following articles for FREE in the set:

Bonus #1

BIOGETA® Bio-Wafer: The Bio-Wafer provides additional energy and turns normal tap water into an energizing drink.

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BIOGETA® Balance thymus gland pendant: Protects the body from high-frequency radiation such as Bluetooth, mobile telephony or WLAN, even when on the move.

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Electrosmog instant help guide: How you can reduce electrosmog with very simple means ... and what you should avoid at all costs.

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Electrosmog instant help video course:
25 expert tips on how you can detect and minimize electrosmog yourself - without having to study building biology or electrical engineering.

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