Clean, fresh water!

Well Water Bundle

Generates revitalized, hexagonal restructured and living water 

Removes all harmful fine-material information
Filtered and free of chlorine, sedimentary chalk, and pollutants

More energy. Great taste.

No more hauling crates of bottles!

Tastier coffee and tea! No more limescaled kettles!

Healthy and vibrant water for you and your children!

Installation videos:

Spring-quality water straight from the tap.

Harmonized, energized, restructured and purified!

Highly effective even on dirty or old pipes, as well as in cities or areas affected by lot of agricultural fertilizers!

A Water Harmonization Module on your main water pipe, combined with a WiV® Mini water filter for collecting drinking water is, in our opinion, the most effective and even cheapest method to get clean and high-energy drinking water – directly from your own tap.

With a Water Harmonization module on your main water pipe, you’ll get high-energy, hexagonal, and reduced water for showering, bathing, watering flowers, or for your sauna (we absorb a large amount of water through our skin).

If you then combine this with an additional WiV Mini water filter under your kitchen counter, you’ll have all gross impurities such as chlorine, water softeners, drug residues, or sediment chalk filtered through a highly effective cocus membrane.


On water and bioenergetics

Note: These videos are a bit old, but still up-to-date. It’s simply that the Water Harmonizer now has a new design.

Information about the Water Harmonization module:

Viktor Schauberger, a great water pioneer and researcher, proved more than 80 years ago that water is much more than just a liquid.

For example, the so-called hyperbolic funnel was developed on the basis of his research. These devices return water to its natural vitality by applying a special kind of turbulence – the kind that occurs in natural mountain streams.

One gets a similar effect by bringing water into direct contact with crystalline structures such as gemstones or silicon. The problem with gemstones, however, is that we do not know how the stone was mined, any previous owners, or what has been stored on it, and thus what it may end up putting into our water.

Water is a highly intelligent storage medium. Google, for example, is currently planning to use water for data storage. However, water stores information primarily on a subtle level.

All this means that, even if cleaned by sewage treatment plants, water retains this subtle information from all impurities. Water can be influenced to the same effect with thoughts, prayers, symbols, and emotions to change its bioenergetic qualities.

The hidden messages in water


The Japanese agronomist Masaru Emoto demonstrated in his photo books that water changes its structure depending on the emotions that are exposed to it.

He took water and exposed it to various affirmations, before flash-freezing it and photographing the ice crystal formations. The result was incredible. The more loving the affirmation, the clearer and more structured the hexagonal structures of the water crystals ended up. The more negative the affirmation, the more chaotic the structure became.

From a bioenergetic point of view, it seems logical that a clean hexagonal structure would be better suited for clean data communication – biophoton exchange in the body, i.e. energy transportation between cells – than a chaotic cluster that lacks the simple contact „interfaces“ of a hexagon. In fact, the idea of ‘hexagonal water’ derives from this concept.

Water pushed over long distances through pipes loses its vitality!

Viktor Schauberger identified that water must not be pushed, but pulled – or sucked – in order to retain its vitality. This tells us that all our tap water – no matter how clean it might be – is energetically dead due to being pumped over long distances in pipe networks.

Not only does it lose its vitality, but it also „clumps“ molecularly into coarse clusters that block biophoton exchange in the body.

A Water Harmonization module breaks up these structures, and thus returns the water to its natural vitality. It allows for natural processing in the body by reforming the water’s molecular structure. This makes the water taste noticeably „softer“ and makes it absorb more oxygen. It also causes less limescale, as its calcium bicarbonate is restructured.

Using a special procedure, the device removes the harmful information that remains in water after regular filtering. The information that is imprinted on the water by the module contains the spectrum of a high-vibration source with reduced water.

‘Reduced’ water is water that contains a bound hydrogen atom and can thus bind oxygen in the body – in the form of free radicals. Free radicals are to blame for a number of physical issues and are believed, among other things, to cause cancer.

Kinesiological muscle tests and energy field measurements after contact with the BIOGETA® Water show amazing results again and again. Even on geological fault zones, all of them have had powerful responses when in contact with the water.

More energy!

As a rule, tap water has a Bovis value of about 5,000 Bovis. This means that it removes energy instead of providing it, as the human body vibrates higher than this in a healthy state. At this level, it cannot be considered to nourish the body at all.

After the Water Harmonization module is installed on the main water supply of a home, high-energy water with a Bovis value of over 20,000 Bovis will flow from all the taps. This water has a magnetic pulse force – and thus a bioavailability – of almost 100%, which allows the body to absorb sufficient energy.

BIOGETA® Water not only strengthens the body when drunk, but is also absorbed through the skin during showering, bathing, and washing. The water vapor that occurs during showering creates a pleasant, negatively ionized, and high-vibrational field.

In addition to transferring a crystalline structure to the water, the Water Harmonization module contains important bipolar frequency patterns, e.g. for balancing geopathic disturbances, electrosmog, and stabilizing chakras. This makes it a perfect complement to the FM Biofield Harmonizer Home. Among other things, resonance points and ATP production (energy production) in cells are addressed and balanced by the water.

By combining various factors, a Water Harmonizer module gives tap water numerous endogenous bipolar resonance points. This means that drinking this water helps the body to harmonize these resonance points, which are directly connected to various organ and functional systems in the body.

This same principle is used in bioresonance therapy, which is also a matter of balancing the body’s own regulatory frequencies and activating its self-healing capacities.

An important frequently asked question is:

Does a Water Harmonizer module replace a water filter?

No, the Water Harmonizer does not filter water, but instead renatures and harmonizes it. For absolutely perfect water, we recommend a good water filter in combination with the Water Harmonizer.

We have therefore tested many different filters, and had the best experience with the WiV® Mini filters. These devices work using a cocus membrane, not only filtering out all toxins, nitrates, heavy metals, and hormonal residues from water, but are also biologically and ecologically recommended.

And the nice thing is, they are easy to mount under the sink, eliminating the need for an extra faucet – no need to drill through the kitchen counter!

Required sizes for the Water Harmonizer:


Size S – For under the sink or behind a filter system



Size M – For up to approx. 150sqm of living space

Size L – For up to approx. 250sqm of living space

Size XL – For up to approx. 400sqm of living space


Information about the WiV® Mini Water Filter:


The WiV® Mini Water Filter delivers you crystal clear water straight from the tap!

This undercounter filter is a single-point solution – simply mount on the cold-water corner valve.  Existing water systems can thus remain in place.

This product provides filtered drinking water as a sustainable alternative to water from plastic bottles. In combination with the BIOGETA® Water Harmonization modules, you’ll have fresh, clean, spring-quality water from your tap!

On top of all this, the mineral content of the water is fully preserved, ensuring a natural taste.

In addition to its excellent filtration capacities, a great benefit of the WiV filter lies in its simple installation. In contrast to many tabletop filtering systems, the WiV filter is simply fitted into the cold-water pipe under the sink.

This means that you can continue to use your tap as normal. The only drawback is a slight decrease in pressure.

Comes with:
Filter head incl. filter cartridge, flexible tube connection set, non-return valve, installation instructions

Important note:

The filter cartridge usually lasts about 1 year, after which it must be replaced. A replacement cartridge costs €160 and is available in our shop, as well as many other online shops.

Filtering with the WiV Mini is performed in 2 stages:

Stage I: Deep clean – Fine particles and any suspended particles (5 microns) are removed.

Stage II: Absorption by coconut deep cartridge – A pure, natural product made from crushed coconut shells in structured solid form (not to be confused with loose activated carbon granules). Any invisible substances that may be present (see list) are absorbed, using only the effects of the coconut.

Due to the type of coconut cartridge, the following ingredients may also be absorbed:

Pharmaceutical residues, chlorine, fluorides, hormonal residues, asbestos fiber, heavy metals (e.g. lead, aluminium, copper, etc.), organic pollutants, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, odours, CFCs, and other residues

For a detailed list, see the following table:


Test report from an independent laboratory on the effects of BIOGETA® Water Harmonizers when installed on a water system:

The following test reports were sent to us by a satisfied customer.

Water samples were taken both in his house and outside the house at a well, at intervals of a few minutes.

Once with and once without the BIOGETA® Water Harmonizer installed in the water system.

The result:

In both cases, levels of bacteria/microorganisms decreased significantly within a few minutes after installation. And this is without the use of a filter – only the Water Harmonizer was used.

The test reports show that the BIOGETA® Water Harmonization modules not only restructure and harmonize the water energetically, but also have a positive effect on the microorganism content via the information field.

And all that within a few minutes!


Dear Biogeta Team,


I actually always thought we had relatively good water. Compared to what comes out of city pipes, it probably is. We live in the countryside and on a mountain 😉


Still, I never liked drinking straight from the tap. Not only did I not know what was floating around in it (heavy metals, fluoride, etc.), I also had the feeling that I wasn’t really doing any good for myself. Sometimes you could taste the pipes, and other times I got a queasy feeling in my stomach afterwards.


Bubble boxes from the supermarket were much more pleasant and tolerable to me. When a friend told me about her water filtration system and mentioned „mountain spring quality water“, I couldn’t believe it – until she had me try some. It was awesome!!


Just the idea of getting so much fresh energy and purity every day just by drinking clear, filtered water got me excited.


Since we discovered the Water Harmonizer and your water filter, we only drink tap water in our household. It’s so much better, softer, and more energetic! When you drink it, you can feel the power and purity with every sip! I’m super happy that we did this.


It’s truly worth the money and we can recommend it 100%.


Dunja Tepel & Family