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HOME Harmonizer

The main causes of illness are stress and lack of energy.
Our products help to minimize vegetative stress, stop energy loss and balance environmental stress. 

Sebastian Krueger

Founder & Developer Biogeta® | Building Biologist | Naturopath

Healthier living

The BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer balances out geopathic stress as well as radio and electrosmog loads in the entire house / apartment.


Protection on the go

BIOGETA® BALANCE PENDANT to balance the polarities in the body. Effective protection against microwaves and radiofrequency radiation on the go.

More energy

BIOGETA® BIO-WAVER. The energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, under the bed, in the kitchen, in the car or at school. 


Arrive more relaxed

The BIOGETA® CAR Harmonizer for on the road. Balances electromagnetic stress in a car.

Better travel

BIOGETA® VAN Harmonizer balances electromagnetic stress as well as geopathic stress in a van or motorhome.


Living water

Spring water quality water from the tap. Harmonized, energized, restructured and purified!

Healthier websurfing

The BIOGETA® BALANCE CHIP balances mobile phone/WiFi/DECT/Bluetooth pollution. For smart phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, etc.