BIOGETA® Affiliate System

The BIOGETA® Affiliate System offers a 3-level remuneration program. However, it is not a classic MLM (Multilevel Marketing System) that is primarily about team building, but is a product-focused affiliate system with good commissions on direct referrals, but which uses elements of an MLM to also offer an interesting incentive for influencers, coaches, marketers and consultants - who are often not in direct personal contact with their followers and customers. The three levels and the option to use referral coupon codes, which lead to automated team building, make it possible to build up a passive income.

If you are already a partner, you can access the portal directly via the following button. If you were already registered in our previous BIOGETA partner program, please click on "Forgot password" on the log-in page and you can create a new password. Important note at this point: Please create new referral links for your advertising campaigns immediately. The links from the previous system will not be forwarded and will therefore no longer work.

If you are not yet familiar with this system, we strongly recommend reading the following article with the rules and options 👇

The dashboard

In the dashboard you will find your link, a link generator, your coupon codes, advertising material, as well as all information about your network, commissions and payouts. The dashboard is multilingual. The system recognizes your language based on your location.

The graduation

  • 15 % Basic commission on direct recommendations
  • 50 % of the base commission on level 1 (usually 7.5% of the purchase amount - correspondingly less if the main commission is reduced)
  • 20 % of the base commission on level 1 (usually 3 % of the purchase amount - correspondingly less if the main commission is reduced)

Exception 1:

If a referral coupon code is used (more on this later), the discount amount of the coupon will be deducted from the main commission amount.

An example of this: 

Order amount = 1000 € 
Referral coupon = 5 %
Payment amount = 950 %
Discount = 50 €

Main commission = 150 € (15%)
less 50 € (discount of the order)
Reduced main commission = 100 €

In this case, the base commission is reduced by the discount amount. The Level 1 and Level 2 commissions are calculated dynamically on the basis of the main commission.

The new customer who has used the referral coupon is permanently written under the corresponding affiliate in the system and appears in the network as a downline. The affiliate will receive Level 1 commissions on all future purchases made by the new partner.

Exception 2:

If a prospective customer clicks on an affiliate link, but does not buy independently via our store, but books a consultation that ultimately leads to a purchase, the basic commission for the affiliate is reduced by 50%, as our freelance consultants also receive a commission. The corresponding Level 1 and Level 2 commissions are reduced accordingly.

A note on this:

BIOGETA® products often require intensive consultation so that the prospective customer understands exactly how our products can help him/her. In our experience, the better the advice, the more likely it is that a customer will buy a product and ultimately be satisfied with it. For this reason, we recommend that all our partners familiarize themselves intensively with the mode of action and functions of our products so that, ideally, no additional advice from our internal consultants is necessary. On our training page at we have published a free course with many explanatory videos about our products.

Exception 3:

A reduced basic commission may apply for special promotions and selected products. As a rule, 50% of the regular basic commission is paid out. 

The promotional products already receive a different commission for the calculation in the back office.

Exception 4:

If an existing affiliate partner decides to become a reseller on their own account, no commission will be paid to the uplines for products purchased at reseller conditions. However, commissions from the downline of the departing affiliate will continue to be paid out as Level 1 and Level 2 commissions upwards.

The referral coupon

The referral coupon is used to attract new customers and potential partners. Every affiliate partner receives a referral coupon code when they register. This can be found together with the individual partner link in the dashboard.

The coupon code grants a discount of 5%. The referral code is linked to the MLM system. This means that using the code automatically creates a partnership in the system - and thus a permanent downline connection. In other words, on all future orders placed by the new downline partner, the affiliate receives his direct commission at the regular 15%, as the coupon code is only valid for the respective order. In addition, the affiliate will receive future Level 1 and Level 2 commissions. For the new customer's order using the referral coupon code, the amount minus the discount of 5% applies. In other words 10% direct commission.

The referral coupon code can also be used by the partners themselves, but its use reduces the commission of the direct upline affiliate.

The affiliate link

Each affiliate partner receives an individual referral link upon registration, which can be changed in the dashboard as desired. In addition, deep links to specific pages or products can be generated in the dashboard. Simply insert the link of the desired page into the link generator and click - you can then forward the corresponding link.

If a prospective customer clicks on one of your links and reaches the website, a so-called cookie is set. A cookie is a small code that ensures that the interested party is recognized by our site if they do not buy directly, but a few days later. 

Our Coockie has a term of 90 days. In other words, if a prospective customer clicks on the referral link of an affiliate "A" and then returns to the website within 90 days and buys a product, the customer is assigned to the affiliate partner "A" whose link they clicked on, so that they receive the corresponding commission. 


If the newly acquired customer later also becomes affiliate partner "B", he is placed in the MLM structure directly under the referring affiliate partner "A", who in future receives 50% of the commissions of the new partner "B" as level 1 commission. The same would also apply if partner "B" also brings a new partner "C" into the system. 

On all direct commissions of partner "C", partner "B" receives 50% of the direct commission amount of partner "C" as level 1 commission - and partner "A" receives 20% of the direct commission amount of partner "C" as level 2 commission.

Orders via your own referral link do not generate commission for the customer, but only for the upline affiliates. 

Lead magnets

In addition to the option of generating individual links for products and landing pages and the use of referral coupon codes, partners have numerous lead magnets at their disposal. A lead magnet is usually something of great interest to potential target customers and is usually offered free of charge in exchange for the email address.

All BIOGETA lead magnets are available to partners for promotion, as they are all hosted on the site and therefore the cookie takes effect. 

This means:

If partner "A" generates a deep link to the landing page of the e-book "20 Tips for a Straw-Free Home" in his/her dashboard and promotes it via his/her Instagram channel, every click on the landing page of the e-book is tracked by the system and assigned to partner "A". 

The prospective customer who clicked on the link will then receive regular emails with product recommendations. If they then make a purchase within 90 days, the newly acquired customer is also permanently assigned to partner "A" for future orders thanks to the previously set cookie and automatically placed under him/her in the MLM structure.

The following lead magnets are available:

  • E-book download - 20 tips for a radiation-free home
  • Stress self-test - answer 15 questions and receive an evaluation
  • coming soon: Webinar

more will follow in the future.

In addition, sales-optimized landing pages are available for advertising all products.

To promote one of the lead magnets or pages, simply enter the URL of the page in the link generator and click. You can then distribute the individual link - or shorten it beforehand with a link shortener (e.g. 

From the link:
would then e.g. 


  1. Download the app (simply scan the QR code with your cell phone)
  2. Log in if you already have a partner account or create a new account in the app
  3. When prompted, enter the following: STORE ID: 7093819


As we grant a right of return of 30 days, payment will only be made after 30 days.

  • Payouts are made from a minimum payout amount of €50.
  • Payments can be made via Paypal or bank transfer (please enter in the dashboard).
  • Payments within the EU are subject to VAT.
  • Each affiliate partner is responsible for their own tax matters.

Do you have any questions or need help?

No problem! We'll be happy to help you.

If you have any questions or are stuck, please send us an e-mail to or call us on: +49(0) 2983 8929970. There will also be a video explaining the program shortly

How to get to the portal

Our affiliate system runs on the "GoAffPro" affiliate platform. This has the advantage that we can use a system with a lot of experience and correspondingly few bugs. GoAffPro already has over 200,000 users and is very reliable when it comes to tracking commissions.

To register click on :

If you already have an account, you can log in via the following link and you will be taken to your dashboard, where you will find your personal referral link and the coupon code:

With this in mind, good luck!

Your BIOGETA team 😊