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Our experienced team of building biologists, naturopaths and bioenergetic consultants will be happy to help you. Do you have questions about building biology or health problems that you believe may be related to exposure to electrosmog, radio or earth radiation - or would you like more information about BIOGETA's balancing products? Then choose a free consultation appointment in our calendar and we will call you at the agreed time.

*The next available consultant will be assigned. If you want to choose a specific consultant, click on the button of the consultant and select an available appointment in the calendar of the respective consultant.

Carina Engemann

Naturopath, TCM, nurse, radiesthesist, bioenergetic consultant

Klaus-Peter Zeyen

Alternative practitioner, building biologist, bioresonance therapist, bioenergeticist

Nadine Kalb

Bioenergetic counselor,
Radiesthesist, BIOGETA product consultant

Sebastian Krüger

Building biologist, alternative practitioner (HPP), bioresonance therapist, radiesthesist/radionicist

Christoph Schmalstieg

Certified building biologist,
Bioenergetic consultant

Nadine Hoffmeister

Product advice, ordering assistance, general customer service

Markus Neumann

Building biologist, dowser, bioenergetic consultant

Sarah Soccal

Accounting, finances,
BIOGETA product advice

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