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Compensates for electromagnetic stress caused by domestic electricity and high-frequency electrosmog (e.g. mobile phones/WLAN/Bluetooth).

Individually or as a 3-piece economy set for multiple devices (please select).

Additional information

Weight 0,007 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 0,2 cm

1 chip, set of 3

Balances out electromagnetic pollution from low-frequency household current and high-frequency electrosmog (e.g. mobile phones/WLAN/Bluetooth).

To be used on smartphone, tablet / IPad, laptop / PC, wireless router, smart TV, DECT phone, baby monitor, network printer, gaming consoles, etc. ...

The Balance Chip is made of carbon and is self-adhesive. To attach, simply detach the Balance Chip from the transfer foil and attach it to the corresponding device. Precise instructions for the individual devices are included with the chips.

How does the BIOGETA® Balance Chip affect the body?

As a bioresonance therapist, one unfortunately finds the frequency values of the GSM, LTE, 5G and DECT networks disturbed in almost every city dweller today. In other words, a strong depolarization in the area of minus polarity is measurable in said regulatory frequency spectra of the body.

This greatly unbalances the body, making it more susceptible to autoimmune diseases and promoting cellular changes, among other things.

In children, the blood-brain barrier opens and toxins can penetrate into the brain. In addition, melatonin production is disturbed, which in turn can lead to hormonal disorders and even infertility, resulting in childlessness.

Numerous tests with the BIOGETA® BALANCE Chips have shown that already after a few weeks after installation of a BIOGETA® BALANCE Chip, the mentioned frequency values were balanced in all test persons, although a strong stress could be measured before.

This testing can be done by any of the approximately 50,000 bioresonance therapists or similar holistic therapists. The Cologne alternative practitioner, building biologist and bioresonance therapist Klaus-Peter Zeyen has tested the chip and wrote the following lines:

... I have the new cell phone stickers on my Fairphone and the impression that it is the best on the ear that I have tested so far!"

(Klaus-Peter Zeyen - alternative practitioner, bioresonance therapist, building biologist)

Questions and answers

The balance chips are made of carbon and are self-adhesive. However, it does not necessarily have to be glued, but can also be placed between the cell phone and the case, for example, so that there is no adhesive residue on the device when it is changed.

Frequencies are stored on the Balance Chips, which balance the body according to the principle of bioresonance therapy.

Balance Chip

The Balance-C
hip is supplied with a small adhesive strip on the card. The chip is first detached from the card and then the protective film is removed from the back. It can now be easily attached to the smartphone, router, etc.