BALANCE pendant


Pendant for balancing polarities in the body - similar to the working principle of BIOGETA® BALANCE Chips.

Protects against the negative effects of electrosmog and radio pollution (WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, etc.).

Has a supportive effect on anxiety, nervousness and stress.

Diameter 2.5 cm

Additional information

Weight 0,006 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 1 × 2,5 cm


to balance polarities in the body - similar to the working principle of BIOGETA® HOME modules and BIOGETA® Balance Chips.

Effective protection on the go!

Has a balancing effect on WLAN, BLUETOOTH, LTE, 5G, DECT, satellite radio and house current loads!

Due to the special design of the information structure, the balance pendant not only has a protective effect on technical environmental influences, but also has a strong anxiety-relieving, calming, concentration-promoting and balancing effect.

What is the BIOGETA® BALANCE Pendant?

The BALANCE pendants are small pendants made of schungite, which have been informed with the most important regulatory frequencies of the body.

The main task is to balance the body in polarities, providing effective protection on the road.

The schungites are energetically neutralized, re-informed and restructured with a special multi-stage process. The stones basically only serve as carriers and storage of the BIOGETA® balancing frequencies and information.

We use schungite because of its excellent energetic conductivity.

During the test phase, we gave the trailers to some highly sensitive and also electrosensitive customers for testing. Without exception, all test trailers were subsequently adopted and the feedback was always consistently positive.

For example, one of our first test customers was previously no longer able to go to the gym because his body reacted sensitively to the numerous Bluetooth devices of the exercisers.

Since he wears the BIOGETA® Balance Pendant, he no longer has any problems with it.

The effect of the BALANCE pendant can be shown well with the help of bioresonance, among other things - but also with other energetic measuring methods such as EAV or kinesiology.

How does the pendant affect the body?

Through the BIOGETA® BALANCE pendant, the body is protected, among other things, in the frequency values of pulse-modulated high-frequency radiation and balanced in the corresponding polarities.

As a bioresonance therapist, one unfortunately finds the frequency values of mobile phone networks, WLAN, Bluetooth and DECT networks disturbed in almost every city dweller today. In other words, in the said regulatory frequency spectra of the body, a strong depolarization in the area of minus polarity is measurable.

This brings the body strongly out of balance, leads to vegetative stress with accompanying hyperacidity and makes it more susceptible to autoimmune diseases and cell changes. In children, the blood-brain barrier opens and toxins can penetrate into the brain.

In addition, the melatonin production of the pineal gland is disturbed, which in turn can cause hormonal disturbances up to infertility with the result of childlessness.

The Balance pendants have a balancing, calming and concentration-enhancing effect.

Especially children they offer good protection at home, at school and on the road.

Important Notice:

In order to provide the body with the balancing information in the best possible way throughout the day, the BIOGETA® BALANCE pendant is worn on the breastbone, or on the thymus gland (see photo). However, it can also be worn in the trouser pocket. It is important that it is worn directly on the body.

Important Notice:

Sometimes we get BALANCE pendants back from customers, not because they don't work, but because they are said to be scratched.

However, they are not!

Schungite is a stone with a natural grain.

When we get the stones, they are polished so you can't see the grain of the stone.

When engraving our logo, sometimes the grain comes back out and it looks like it's scratches.

However, it is the original grain of the schungite -.
and not a scratch.


In the video we show a few pendants with stronger grain.

If this bothers you, we recommend that you do not order the product.


Questions and answers

The balance pendant is made of shungite, a natural material. Shungite is known for its unique properties, including its ability to store balancing frequencies and release them close to the body.

The balance pendant works according to the principle of bioresonance therapy. Balancing frequencies are stored on it, which are released into the body when the necklace is worn

The balance pendant must be worn close to the body - either as a necklace or in a trouser pocket.

No, unfortunately - unlike the Bio-Waver - this is not possible. The balance pendant must be worn on the body to be able to balance it.

The Balance Pendant has the ability to balance the body in the event of stress, similar to the Harmonizer, but only in the area of electrosmog. In addition, affirmations are stored on it to bring the body into balance. However, it cannot replace the Harmonizer, but is basically used as an additional tool, e.g. when you are out and about, or to balance out e-smog pollution such as Bluetooth, wifi etc. when training in the gym.

The effect of the Balance pendant can be disrupted by various loads. In this case, we recommend placing the pendant on our Detox plate. This can disrupt the pendant and restore its original effect.

Yes, the balance pendant is also highly recommended for children. It protects them from cell phone radiation, for example, and has a balancing effect.

In principle, this is not a problem, as the pendant continues to emit its information even if it is glued. However, it may be that the magnetic force decreases due to a large shock. To restore this, we recommend placing the pendant on our Detox plate so that it can return to full vibration.

Yes, you can use any strap/chain.