BIOFELD Repeater


Supplement to a HOME Harmonizer in rooms separated from the mains. E.g. with shielded walls in the bedroom or when using a mains disconnector / mains isolator.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 5 cm

In combination with an FM Biofeldformer HOME, the BIOGETA® Biofeld Repeater ensures a selective distribution of the BIOGETA® bioresonance field in rooms that have been activated. 

Important Notice:

The biofield repeater is ONLY in combination with a HOME Harmonizer to use!

Here is an example from practice:

Many of our customers use a so-called mains isolator, or mains decoupler as it is correctly called, to completely disconnect one or more bedrooms from the mains at night. A small relay is installed in the fuse box, which recognizes whether a load is active or not. If the last load (e.g. a bedside lamp) is then switched off, the relay interrupts the entire circuit for the room and detects with a small DC control voltage as soon as a load is activated again (e.g. lamp is switched on again). In this case, the relay switches the circuit back to voltage.

The problem so far has been that a HOME Harmonizer uses the power grid to build up the BIOGETA® bioresonance field. And the information should reach the bedroom in particular to ensure effective balancing during the night. However, the use of a mains decoupler restricts the transport of information, and in this case only information from the adjoining or underlying rooms reaches the bedroom.

The biofield repeater solves this problem!

The biofield repeater receives the bioresonance spectrum of the HOME Harmonizer and distributes it locally within a radius of approx. 2m. For example, under a bed. This means that you can now enjoy the benefits of the HOME Harmonizer even when the rooms are unoccupied. The Biofield Repeater works very gently and does not build up an additional energy field, as the Bio-Wafer does, but only regulates by using the balancing spectrum of the FM Biofield Shaper active in the house.


Position the biofield repeater centrally under the bed. If this is not possible, place it to the right or left of the bed.


To ensure that the resonator in the biofield repeater works properly, the holes in the repeater must not be covered. In other words, please do not place any blankets or other objects on or over the biofield repeater.