What are Bovis values?

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The energetic quality of food and the environment

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and the hectic pace of life, the importance of energy and balance in our lives is becoming more and more apparent. One of the lesser known but fascinating concepts in this area is Bovis values. Back in the 1930s, the French physicist André Bovis was already studying the energetic quality of food. He discovered that every food and every environment has a certain energetic vibration.

But what exactly are Bovis values and how do they affect us in everyday life?

The history of Bovis values

André Bovis' research led to the development of the biometer, an instrument with which he was able to measure the vitality of food using a pendulum. This biometer became so popular that Bovis was appointed official food inspector by the French government.

As a physicist, Bovis believed in his time that he was measuring the so-called Ångström frequency values of food. A few years later, one of his students realized that it was not the Ångström units (the length of light waves) that were being measured, but something else that had not been known until then. This is how the biometer became the so-called Bovis scale - in honor of its discoverer André Bovis.

Bovis values: the measure of vitality

The "Bovis scale" is a frequency scale that measures the vitality or life force of an object or substance. When comparing freshly harvested vegetables and wilted vegetables, for example, it becomes clear that the fresh ones have more vitality or higher Bovis values.

Bovis units, often simply referred to as BE, are the measure of the vibrational state of matter. These values are determined using a pendulum or biotensor. A low Bovis value indicates that a product or living being is less vital.

What are Bovis values?

In simple terms, Bovis values measure the "energy charge" of an object or place. A high Bovis value indicates that an object or place radiates life-enhancing energy. This is particularly important as it is said that places or things with high Bovis values can strengthen people energetically.

Put simply, the Bovis values can be regarded as energetic "PH values". Instead of measuring the acidic or alkaline state, they indicate whether something is releasing or absorbing energy. Healthy people typically have values between 6500 and 8000 Bovis, with young people often reaching the higher value. Foods above 6500 Bovis, such as fresh fruit or organic vegetables, supply the body with energy. In contrast, foods with values below 6500 Bovis, such as coffee or fast food, deprive the body of energy.

Or rather, that's not quite right. Strictly speaking, everything that is below our own vibration draws energy from us, as our body then compensates for the deficit.

Factors that influence the Bovis value

From the type of cultivation and processing to storage, transportation and environmental influences, such as radiation or insecticides, many factors can affect the Bovis value of a food. Simonéton, a student of Bovis, also discovered that the length of time that fruit hangs on the tree can influence the Bovis value. This is why bananas that are harvested before they are ripe often have lower Bovis values.

What influences the Bovis value of our food?

The quality of the food we eat is directly reflected in its Bovis value. Cooked food, for example, has a lower value than freshly harvested produce. Organically grown food that has been produced without the use of chemicals and has not been genetically manipulated tends to have a higher Bovis value compared to non-organic produce. It is also important to note that the Bovis value of food is reduced by processing, preserving, heating or freezing. Home-grown and lovingly grown vegetables usually have the highest Bovis value.

How does the BIOGETA® BIOWAVER influence our energy?

In our hectic and technology-driven world, it is challenging to constantly ensure a high energy quality in our environment. This is where the BIOGETA® Bio-Waver comes into play. With an impressive 29,000 Bovis and 100% magnetic pulsation power, this device can not only balance geopathic interference zones in rooms, but also energize water and food.

Water and food that have been treated with the BIOGETA® Bio-Waver transfer their high vibrational frequency to humans when consumed. This means that we benefit not only from the food itself, but also from its charged energy. This allows us to maintain a high energy level throughout the day.

A special highlight: in a scientific study, BIOGETA® Bio-Waver was able to significantly reduce the consequences of oxidative stress in human cells. It therefore not only has high energy values, but also has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can benefit your body.

Why is the Bovis value important?

Places with high Bovis values, such as certain forests or so-called power places, can recharge and revitalize us energetically because they vibrate at a higher level than we humans do. Who doesn't know the refreshing feeling after a walk in a vital forest? On the other hand, places with low Bovis values can drain our energy.

Just like places, objects, buildings and food can also be measured with Bovis values. This means that by consciously choosing the foods and places we visit and using technologies such as the BIOGETA® Bio-Waver, we can specifically control and optimize our energy.

The relevance of Bovis values in everyday life

It's not just food that has Bovis values. Everything, from books to buildings to natural places, has a specific vibrational frequency. These values can influence our energy and well-being. For example, a walk in a healthy forest with high Bovis values can be invigorating, while a walk in a "sick" forest can make us tired. In the same way, we lose energy in places with low Bovis values if, for example, they are geopathically disturbed by earth radiation such as a water vein or a fault. This can be the workplace, where we then perform less well, or, in the worst case, the place where we sleep.

Concluding thoughts

While Bovis and Simonéton believed that they could measure the freshness and vitality of food and environments using only the Bovis value, it is important to emphasize that Bovis values represent only one aspect of the total energy. It is essential to consider not only the Bovis value, but also other energetic aspects such as the magnetic pulsation force. Only with a balanced magnetic force can the additional energy of a high Bovis value be utilized.


Understanding and recognizing Bovis levels offers us a deeper insight into the quality and vitality of our food and environment. By combining traditional knowledge of life force and modern technology such as the BIOGETA® Bio-Waver, we can create an environment that promotes wellbeing and provides us with the energy we need to thrive in our fast-paced world - and stop uncontrolled energy loss. It's not just a question of health, but also an investment in a higher quality of life.

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