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Find out more about water veins and how they your well-being can influence.

Don't you know that the people around you are increasingly struggling with multiple problems, such as Sleep disorders, Chronic diseasesTension, Back painConcentration difficulties, Constant tiredness & exhaustioncancer, heart problems, the constant need to go to the toilet at night and unfulfilled wishes for children among young couples?

We humans are actually meant to be full of energy, healthy and fit. But how do we get back to this original state?

Hardly anyone would suspect that the cause of these problems can usually be so simple. This is because these complaints can often be triggered by energy-draining earth rays and water veins, about which there is little scientific knowledge to date. 

The fact is that all earth rays can give or remove vital energy from people. They can positively or negatively influence the charge ratios of human cells and organs. But how does this work?

The environmental stimuli to which we humans are exposed on a daily basis, in the form of e.g. earth radiation, act as impulses on our body cells, which ultimately affect the entire human organism. Our nervous system, immune system, blood circulation and even our genetic material are particularly affected. This also explains why the risk of developing cancer is significantly increased in negative charge conditions and why some young couples find it so difficult to have children. 

Especially in the Bedroom it is particularly important to have a trouble-free room as this is where the body regenerates.

But in order to find out whether the origin of our health problems can actually be traced back to the water veins, we must first clarify what they actually are. 

What is a water vein?

Water veins are invisible currents of underground watercourses that flow through layers of rock. 

Perhaps you have already observed how damp patches suddenly appear on freshly excavated areas on a construction site? 

Or maybe you've even experienced mysterious damp problems in your own home that didn't exist before - and that's because there was building work nearby. But how can something like this happen?

Excavation work not only moves earth, but may also change the course of water veins. The result: suddenly damp traces appear where the ground was previously dry. In our own house analyses, this phenomenon appeared again and again. The water vein, which was previously invisible, changed its course as a result of the earthworks and promptly became noticeable.

This fascinating connection between building measures and water veins has always raised questions for me as a building biologist...

For centuries it has been said that water veins cause certain illnesses, weaken the body and make animals react sensitively to them. 

The water vein is often representative of earth radiation. Although there are other types of earth radiation, water veins are basically the commercial term. 

But what exactly is so harmful about water veins? Where does the radiation come from? 

There are many theories about this, one is that the friction in the ground creates a slight potential difference on the surface and a very slight electromagnetic deviation that disturbs the body. I personally don't believe that...I think there is some other radiation resonating, but it doesn't matter what causes it in the's about what it does to our health and we can measure that. 

The dangers of water veins

Left and right rotating water veins

Basically, a distinction is made between two different types of water veins: left-turning water veins and right-turning water veins. The left-rotating veins are much more common. A total of 80% are left-handed and only about 20% are right-handed. However, there are also exceptions. 

Properties with a higher number of clockwise rotating wires are usually referred to as pleasant, highly energetic sometimes also perceived as mystical.

Left-turning water veins draw energy from usstress the body and they vibrate at a lower frequency than humans, resulting in a high energy loss!

This is because our body tries to compensate for everything that vibrates lower than us, which results in a loss of energy. 

In short: 

Such a left-turning vein draws energy from our body when it is above it, as oscillating fields always influence or balance each other out.

In my house and apartment inspections, I have not yet experienced a single case in which - in the case of a chronic or other really difficult Diseaseas above all Cancer - the sleeping area was not disturbed by at least one left-turning water vein. There are often other factors, such as curry grid crossings or faults, but an energy-drawing water vein can almost always be found.

In contrast to this all energy that vibrates higher than us!

Clockwise rotating water veins generally vibrate higher than we do, so they are Supplying energy.

Provided that the so-called magnetic pulsation force is balanced. 

(If you want to learn how to find and energetically evaluate a water vein, click on the link to my Course - Objective radiesthesia)

Many healing springs that spring up are rich in highly oscillating right-rotating veins and carry so-called reduced water. This reduced water contains an excess of negatively charged hydrogen ions, known as negative ions. This allows the water to bind free radicals (i.e. plus charged ions) in the body, which has an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory effect. Health-promoting effect has. 

Lourdes, for example, is an extremely well-known healing spring where health-promoting water springs from such veins, as is the Nordenau healing gallery in the Sauerland. 

In order to find out whether you are also sitting or sleeping on a water vein, we may first clarify how these are found.

How can you find or detect a water vein?

The best way to find and define a water vein is through a resonance test using a bioresonance device.

In order to evaluate a water vein energetically, we use a radiesthetic evaluation method, the so-called 2-factor method (you can learn this in my course above).

Many people also use a dowsing rod - especially to find a water vein for a well - but it is not nearly as accurate as the methods with a bioresonance device or the 2-factor method.

Can water veins be shielded or even blocked?

No, water veins cannot be shielded!

Not even with cork, lead or copper, as you often hear, simply because of the frequency level. 

The graduate engineer Otto Höpfner recognized many years ago and also wrote books about it that the carrier frequency of earth rays and thus also of water veins is higher than the frequency of visible light, so it can be concluded that everything we can touch is therefore not able to shield these frequencies. 

It can therefore be said that water veins cannot be shielded, they can only be equalized. Equalization is achieved by what is known as interference - a phase cancellation - and it is precisely this effect that we can observe in nature when, for example, a left-rotating water vein crosses a right-rotating water vein. When this happens, a balanced field is usually created, as the clockwise rotating water vein has the same frequency as the counterclockwise rotating vein (but in reverse polarity) and balances out the counterclockwise rotating vein. 

At BIOGETA, we use this balancing effect with our products such as the fascinating BIO-WAVER, which does exactly that. 

The BIO-WAVER manages to build up a clockwise rotating field, which has the same frequency as a clockwise rotating water vein - and can therefore compensate for a counterclockwise rotating water vein - just like in nature.

Water veins can therefore not be shielded or blocked, but only balanced out.

What symptoms can occur if a water vein runs under the bed?

Effects and symptoms of sleeping on a water vein:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Tension 
  • Back pain
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Constant tiredness and exhaustion
  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • Cancer
  • Heart problems
  • Constant need to go to the toilet at night 

What helps with a water vein under the bed?

The best, simplest and safest Method for a healthy sleeping area is to equalize the frequencies of the left-rotating water veins through interference. 

BIOGETA's products have been developed precisely for this purpose over years of research and countless practical tests and are the only products to deliver measurable results.

So definitely take a look in our store!

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